26: The EYE: Observations About Emptiness

According to Buddhist philosophy, “Emptiness”  or “Non-Self” is one of the 3 characteristics that define our existence. The other 2 are “Impermanence “, and “Suffering”. 

Emptiness is:

Baboons, South Africa

  • the true nature of things and events (Dalai Lama)
  • very much a part of our everyday existence (Lewis Richmond)
  • a series of “no’s” and “not’s”
  • no “self”
  • not “me”, “myself”, nor “what I am”
  • no separation between subject and object; everything is interdependent.
  • no “I”, only “Us”.
  • The earth, the animals, the sky, the earth and I, all dependent on, and part of each other, filled with endless compassion for each other.


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