33: The Artistry of Marrakesh

From the Jardin Majorelle to Andre Heller’s magical Anima garden. From the historic art in the Musee de Marrakech to the ceramic tile mosaics and painted wood of the Bahia Palace. Marrakesh as an art destination is clearly happening.

Anima Garden Sculpture

Art in Marrakesh, or at least what I saw of it, seems mainly to begin in the modern era, although the strange contraption below is a camel sasaddle on which the rider squats. Can you imagine?

Berber Camel Saddle

Signs of the ancient Jewish civilization are few and far between, although we did visit an old synagogue that is still in use annually when Jews from around the world come to celebrate their heritage with intent to themselves.


The video below is a 1:12 minute tease. It just meant to tantalize and make you want more. Start it by clicking the play button; Click the symbol to the left of the vimeo logo to watch it full screen.

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