32: Snapshots on the Streets of Marrakesh

Photographing people on the streets of many Islamic countries can be challenging because of the Koran interpretation by some – that a picture cannot fully depict God’s creation no matter how accurate it becomes. I am never comfortable invading other’s spaces. But, as a street photographer, I still have a job to do, no matter how challenging. So, I found myself having to curb my instincts to seize the moment and try to be respectful.

I worked to capture some sense of the people on the street, and the juxtapositions of tradition and modernity, old and young.

These video snapshots are just that – captured moments of fleeting time, presented not, as a slideshow where you can ponder individual images, but as parts of a whole cultural ether that enveloped me as I strolled the streets and souks of the fabled old city, and went into the villages of the High Atlas mountains. [3:24 minutes long].

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