MV Times Reviews Martha’s Vineyard ~ Now & Zen
“The amped-up drama of Mr. Brigish’s digital photographs includes both the literal and abstract. Sea grass, surf, leaves, tree limbs, blueberries, rigging, oyster and quahog shells, and the moon over Deep Bottom Pond are expressed in strong designs, while pastoral vistas, stonewalls, honesty boxes illustrate what we know and tell familiar stories”. Click here for full review. bountiful
From the Huffington Post
 Here’s a fine new publication by the documentary photographer Alan Brigish. Breathing in the Buddha is “a photographic exploration of Buddhist life in Indochina,” and it documents a journey that takes Brigish through three major cities in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, and at greater length through city and countryside in that elusive country, Burma.. . Click here to read more. buddha
From the Vineyard Gazette
“It is like the literary equivalent of slow food — not just beautifully presented, but based on a philosophy of quiet appreciation and sustainability. It does this in 27 short, easily-digestible chapters, broken into four sections: elements, communities, traditions and issues.”Click here for entire article NowZen_jacket_91