The challenge of photography for me is to anticipate and capture a fleeting moment–matter fixed in space devoid of time and motion. Freezing time and focusing on the here and now is my mantra and my photographic mission.


My picture-taking began at age eight. I became more serious about photography in 1997 when I began to devote most of my time to photographic and multimedia endeavors.

I take photographs because time moves so rapidly that we hardly ever get a chance to observe and appreciate the moments that make up our lives. By photographically capturing “moments” we get to freeze time, and we get to take time to appreciate “time frozen within space.” Concentrating carefully on a photograph can evoke powerful emotions and memories.”

A picture may speak a thousand words,” but the camera always lies. No two photographers ever photograph the same scene in the same way. Reality is subjective; thus, in photography, there really is no such thing as “remaining objective.”

As every picture tells a story, my online galleries of photographs and books speak for themselves:

Time froze when when Big Papi swung for the fences in Fenway Park, and again, as I sat meditating in the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar; the sky turned inky blue and the chanting rose to meet the ringing of hundreds of bells.

But in this new media era, I also tell additional stories–typically short slide shows presented as videos, often with musical underscore. The images are culled from hundreds of thousands of images from my travels in Australia, Bhutan, Botswana, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Cuba, England, Ethiopia, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Laos, Lithuania, Myanmar, Namibia, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Tibet, Ukraine, the United States, and Uzbekistan.

Each image of a memory or fantasy of land, sea and light, a person, pattern, animal, or texture is carefully sequenced to the next, to make a coherent presentation of my observations. The stories and journeys comprise travelogues,  social and cultural mini-documentaries, and abstracts of my experience. Desiring to capture and present moments in time as impressions of an enhanced and alternative reality, I have digitally tweaked a few images to create what I call “photo-illustrations”– taking liberties with “objective reality” to move beyond and “see” into the realm of consciousness.

All images and videos available for download and sale or donation, use lyrics and music with fully granted rights.*

200% of the sales or donations for my photographs are paid to reputable non-profit organizations around the world that serve children’s education and welfare.  For more details, please contact me.

I own,  maintain, and protect the original copyright of all images and videos on this site. I welcome inquiries to further distribute our work. I accept assignments worldwide.

Alan Brigish     May 29, 2015

*In almost all cases, I have permission to use music and lyrics.  In a few cases, I have contacted, and advised the musical artists of this project, and asked them for permission  to use their work.  Despite several approaches, I have not had any response.  I have offered to take music and lyrics offline, but I have had no response.  So, until and unless otherwise advised, I am assuming that my use is legitimate under the “Fair Use” doctrine, and I am not selling any products that make use of non-permissioned intellectual property.