30: Brigonian No. 23

I just arrived home from another fascinating trip after an active year. Looking back, I’m astounded by how busy I’ve been, and how much I have learned – from healing my body to friendships, from feminine aspirations to modern, moderate Islam.

Majorelle Gardens, Marrakesh

I went with a friend, to Morocco, specifically, Marrakesh. I can’t recommend it highly enough for its pleasant people, its proud culture, its growing infrastructure, its beauty, its dazzling colors, and its romance. 

The Souk, Marrakec

We stayed in a boutique riad (hotel) in the old city (medina), called Riad Romance, run by a couple of young Moroccans.  We both said that never in our lives were we so well treated with extraordinary hospitality. 

Riad Romance – View from bedroom

We never once had a meal in the town that was nothing less than excellent, and some were extraordinary.  I am sorting through hundreds of photos and will post them here in a short while. It was a great trip.

Yes, we had a good time, even if we did decide that we did not have a future together, and parted company upon our return.  I learned a great deal from her.  We parted on excellent terms.  So much for Riad “Romance” 🙁

Call to Prayer, Morocco

Looking back on the year and a fun visit to Hawaii with another friend, we visited Oahu and Hawaii, staying for several nights on top of the volcano, Kilauea, that erupted 3 months later.  I took this photo one evening. Whew! A little too close for comfort!  

Mount Kilauea, Hawaii

Then, there was a 10-day silent retreat and my shoulder surgery.  I’m glad to say, 9 months later, that with three orthopedic surgeries behind me in the past 2 years, I feel blessed to have a renewed and active life. At this stage, every healthy day is as good as it gets.

Central Park, New York City

There were three visits to have fun in New York City.  On the last one, I was joined by grandson Kevin. Then, Cy and I did a road trip to visit Jackie and family in NJ, Hal and family in Virginia and my brother and family in Washington DC.  My family is all well and thriving.

Jake, Kevin and Ashley

Cy was the star of his own show celebrating his 50th birthday at Camp Jabberwocky. Here he sings “Fame” from the title of the show. Cy just returned from independently traveling 800 miles by train to see Jackie for Christmas and Hal for New Year.  Joyce’s amazing legacy is proof of what is possible.

Cy was the star of his own show celebrating his 50th birthday at Camp Jabberwocky. Here he sings “Fame” from the title of the show.

Talking of Joyce, of course, you know that we published her memoir in summer at a fun-filled celebration at Camp Jabberwocky.

All proceeds go to Jabberwocky, special olympics and STAR. It, is being widely distributed to people that might benefit from Joyce’s pioneering work with Cy and his Connecticut community

I am so happy to have left the intensity back in Morocco, and look forward to a quiet month or two on my beloved island home.  What a perfect time to say goodbye to 2018, and to reach out to you, and wish you, as I do for myself … a year, 2019, of the best health and the best love we can possibly have for ourselves, and those who we love.

My favorite 2018 photo. Mount Auburn Cemetery in Boston

A wise person gave me some great advice: “meet everyone with kindness, because you don’t know what burden they are carrying, except you do know that, like you, everyone carries some burden or other”.

Trust the process. Go with the flow. Let life take you rather than you take it.

Indigo – Marrakesh

I am grateful to know you, and have you as a part of my life.  With love and best wishes,

Alan and Zach

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